How to Spot a Trend


Trendy is a word that refers to clothing, shoes, and accessories that are current and considered fashionable or stylish. It can also refer to a fashion fad, which is short-lived and intensely popular.

How to spot a trend

A trends can be rooted in a particular geographical area, or it can travel through different regions and cultures. It can even evolve and become something completely new.

The first step to spotting trends is understanding their origins, says Elia. “Trends are born of social forces, they come together in a critical mass and they really start to have an impact on a culture. They then take on a life of their own and then they become part of a cycle that we call a trend.”

Once a trend is born it can be hard to tell where it will go next. That’s why it’s crucial to watch fashion shows in key global cities like New York, London and Paris.

These shows are where designers and straight-to-market brands are often influenced by the latest trends. It’s also a good idea to look at the latest trend reports from the fashion world, so that you can see which pieces are hot and which are not.

When it comes to spotting trends, there are three elements that you must keep an eye out for: basic needs, external change and innovations. These elements are all crucial to understanding the way consumers think and feel about a certain subject.

Needs are the fundamentals of any trend: they define what people need, want and expect. A trend is only successful if it addresses their needs and meets them in an effective, satisfying and innovative manner.

This can be done by using products that are already being embraced by customers, or by creating new and exciting solutions to existing problems. Companies need to identify points of tension between what people are currently looking for and what is available, and then create an innovation that satisfies their need and resolves their tension.

Once a trend has been identified, it can then be monitored and analysed to see how and where it will continue to develop. This will allow businesses to be ready to capitalise on the opportunities it presents them.

The next step is to understand which of these trends will be most important for a specific market or region. This can be done through research and studying the lives of the consumers in that area.

Alternatively, a company could hire a fashion forecasting agency to help them identify the future trends that will be most important for them and their customers. This will help them increase sales and profits through providing them with a clear view of what consumers are looking for.

A fashion fad is an intensely popular interest that’s short-lived and can be either a style, fabric or brand. It can also be a trend that is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on a consumer’s needs or desires.